About Me

Who am I? Isn't that a question for the ages?

Here's what I will tell you. I am a sewing novice, but I really enjoy it - it gives me something to do when I'm not working and when the weather is not compatible with my preferred outdoor activities (boating, swimming, wakeboarding, snowmobiling - different seasons, of course).

I sew at my kitchen table (which is otherwise just decoration, might as well use it for something!) while rocking out to the likes of Slayer, Rage Against the Machine and Disturbed. Or while watching reruns of Seinfeld. Or Star Wars Episode IV.

I started this blog to share ideas with others since I've been searching around and finding other blogs that have inspired me to create things. Since some of the things I've done have been a spin on other things I found, why not share - if those others hadn't shared their ideas, I wouldn't have learned how to do these things!

Thanks for visiting! If you like a post, leave a comment. If you don't like it, go scratch!